Apple:Wireless Charging Mat Will Blow Your Mind

Apple developed their Wireless Charging Mat

They first introduced the wireless charging mat (AirPower) in 2017 whose main function is to power iPhones, Airpods and Apple watches which transfers electric charge on just contact. This may be one of the greatest features of next generation charging but Apple is still developing this product to perfection.
Wireless charging mat is very convenient product if perfected,it removes the mess created by your charging cables for your gadgets. This idea is the next step technology but if you think of it, the concept is simple and straightforward because it makes life easier.

An AirPower mat is seen charging multiple devices during a media event at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California on September 12, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Josh Edelson (Photo credit should read JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Apple shuts down this product after a year of production due to standard reasons but it is rumored to be back in the market soon.

Apple AirPower

AirPower is a wireless charging mat developed by Apple. Its main function is to charge iPhones, Airpods and Apple Watches without using a charging cable. It powers your phone through contact with the mat making charging effortless and efficient. AirPower is simple, no need to plug in your iPhone.

How does it work?

Simply place it in a flat surface; on a desk or table then plug it in a power outlet. Once it’s plugged in, place your iPhone in the charging mat to charge your device. There is no complicated steps to use this product because Apple made it simple to use.
It uses induction to charge up devices, to transfer electricity an electromagnetic field is used. Induction is when a current is induced in a conducting loop if it is placed to a changing magnetic field.

AirPower’s Compatibility

It can only be used on three iPhones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 X because it has a glass backs and it is built for wireless charging .
Current iPads are not compatible with this product because it has no glass backs and large glass backs would be very expensive.
Apple Watch Series is compatible with AirPower.
AirPods can be powered by AirPower but it needs the new AirPod case. You can’t just put the AirPods in the mat, it won’t charge so it needs the new AirPod case and you also can’t use the original case.

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