tvOS 14 is now available for your apple TV

Apple is continuing to grow the Apple TV application with new additions that will carry Apple ‘s products to the living room. While the company is taking aspects of Apple TV ‘s expertise to smart TVs, such as the TV app and AirPlay, Apple is moving TVOS further to make sure it has distinct advantages.

TVOS 14 is now available for download on your Apple TV fourth generation or Apple TV 4 K set-top box. To update, go to Settings and navigate to 
General- > Software Update.s.

TVOS 14 adds a range of new functionality and improvements to your Apple TV, including richer connectivity with HomeKit devices such as cameras and smart doorbells, first-time support for 4 K videos on YouTube, expanded multi-user and Picture-in-Picture display around the device.

What’s new in your tvOS 14?

  1. Improved integration with HomeKit cameras and doorbells

Apple TV still doesn’t have a home app, but now it’s functioning more harmoniously with the rest of your smart house. If you have a HomeKit video doorbell, Apple TV will listen to you and send you a message when the doorbell rings, plus a live video stream.

  1. Multi-user support for Apple Arcade and Game Center

Last year, Apple introduced the idea of multiple user accounts with TVOS 13. You can update your password from the Control Center and switch your username to the Apple TV and Apple Music profiles. This year, Apple also expanded this service to the Game Center so that all of the game ‘s progress is saved and the awards even correspond to those already logging in to the user.

  1. 4K in YouTube

Since its release in 2017, Apple TV 4 K has lead the way in visual and audio fidelity with support for HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. One of the main outliers to this assistance, though, was the YouTube software.

  1. Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture was formerly only available in the TV application. Now, it’s usable around the system. Just as on iPad (and iPhone with iOS 14), any app can upload video to a floating window that sticks to the corner of the screen. You will then access the entire Apple TV interface while the video is still playing.

  1. Others
  • Upgraded Apple Music app
  • 4K AirPlay for videos and photos
  • Audio Sharing to allow two pairs of AirPods to be paired at the same time
  • Support for Microsoft Xbox Elite 2 controllers

Get updating to tvOS 14 right now on your own Apple TV box.

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