Are Apple Products Really Worth It?

Are Apple products really worth it based on their prices or simply overpriced?

People today will always buy what’s new and trending because new generation technology will always storm the world with technological advancement.

Who wouldn’t buy the most advance tech in the market? Smart technologies makes life easier and fast. Everyone relies on technology now as years go on. That’s why big companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft and many others are competing on whose products are the best. The World is flooded with gadgets and we can’t get enough of it, every gadgets has their own taste and features.
So, it’s all about who has the greatest features with the right price.

Apple Products on their worth

User experience and ecosystem would be the factors for this on how well they perform on the market.
When we talk about smartphones, Apple has their iOS. iOS is Apple\s unique operating system that is designed for iPhone and iPad and it is a custom made operating system that is built for Apple’s unique programming language meaning iPhone only works with other iPhones bringing consistency on their performance. On the other hand, Android is like an open line that can operate with other smartphones like Samsung, Huawei and many others making it diverse.

Statistics shows that Samsung is their main competition, although Samsung has 5% more control in smartphone market share than them but Apple is four times higher in terms of profit margin.

Apple’s performance and quality

When we talk about performance and quality, Apple really gives importance on that aspect because they used the “great product” strategy meaning quality over quantity. Apple doesn’t go with the trend that packs a smartphone with tons of new features and diversified product mix, they stick to what they do best which is enhancing every product to provide the best user experience. Every Apple product that is released is always the next generation experience.

When it comes to numbers, Samsung really has higher figures in terms of products sales over the years because of mass production of low price and low-end gadgets. Despite the numbers, Apple is still comfortably sitting within their numbers in the market.

Focuses on massive updates

The company doesn’t really releases tons of new product but improves and updates that they have giving the best quality to their loyal customers. Apple really spoils their loyal customers with great updates and experience. Updates means that every problematic features that the last apple product has will be massively improved meaning the iPhone 11 is simply better than the iPhone X. These kind of updates really attracts customer and a big jump in the market.

Apple’s Software

They have their own software (iOS) which is a great feature compared to other tech companies that shares Android which can be modified by other competitions. iOS is a mobile operating system created by the company that is strictly exclusive for Apple hardware. The iOS user interface is operated through direct manipulation by sliders, switches and buttons. Having total control of their own software is a great thing because they can offer the latest and improved updates by Apple.

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Giving you an insight on why people choose Apple over other tech companies in the market


Apple focuses on producing high-quality products on the market with strict quality assurance and user experience that lives up to their prices. Quality is the main reason why Apple product excels in the market against other tech companies. If you want best-built device on the market and smooth interaction with other devices, Apple is the best for you.

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