Xbox vs PlayStation

Even with the new consoles around the corner, the fight between Xbox and PlayStation is still going high. Now we’re gonna talk about the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Which do you think is better? let’s discuss it.

Xbox series X

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship next generation console and will be available on November 10, 2020. There’s still not much left to find out about the Xbox Series X. We’ve seen the latest Xbox tower-like design, and much of the Xbox Series X titles we’re going to get our hands on when the console comes out later this year.

The Xbox Series X specs have now been announced, and we’ve taken a deep dive into the specs to see what they mean to gamers. So, read on about what you need to hear about the Xbox Series X specifics.

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PlayStation 5

There’s still not anything left to figure out about the PS5, which is fantastic, because now you can start planning the edition you’re going to buy, what games you’re going to pick up first, what gadgets you’re going to need, how much you need to save, and when it’s going to arrive right on your doorstep.

The PS5 is a very different-looking console from the PS4, with its black-and-white space-age colour scheme looking a bit different from the PlayStations of the past. There’s more than one PS5 console coming this year, but, as Sony has already stated, it’s going to announce the PS5 Digital Version – a simplified, digital-only disk-free console.

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What do you guys think? which is the better console this 2020?

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