Microsoft will roll out 5G

The rising need for always-on networking, interactive experiences, safe communication, and remote human relationships is driving networks to their limits, while the competition is forcing down costs. The architecture of the network must ensure that providers are able to optimize costs and achieve efficiencies, while allowing customized and differentiated services to be developed.

In microsoft’s close cooperation with the telecommunications sector, a new chapter begins today to unleash the potential of 5G and get the cloud and edge closer than ever. Microsoft is creating a cloud of carrier grade and adding the operator’s edge with more Microsoft technologies.

Operators get a trustworthy partner in Microsoft who can inspire them to unleash 5G ‘s potential. Enabling them to deliver a variety of new technologies to disrupt whole markets and populations, such as ultra-reliable low latency connectivity, mixed reality communications services , network slicing, and highly scalable IoT applications.

As Microsoft build out their partnerships with different operators, it is clear to us that there will be different approaches to technology adoption based on business needs. Some operators may choose to adopt the Azure platform and select a varied mix of virtualized or containerized network function providers. We also have operators that have requested complete end-to-end services as components for their offers. As a part of these discussions, many operators have identified points of control that are important to them, for example:

  • Control over where a slice, network API, or function is presented to the customer.
  • Definition of where and how traffic enters and exits their network.
  • Visibility and control over where key functions are executed for a given customer scenario.
  • Configuration and performance parameters of core network functions.

As they build out Azure for Operators, they recognize the importance of ensuring operators have the control and visibility they require to manage their unique industry requirements. To that end, here is how their assets come together to provide operators with the platform they need.


It begins with the opportunity to interconnect profoundly with the operator’s network across the globe. We have one of the biggest networks that link with operators at more than 170 points of presence and more than 20,000 peer-to – peer links across the globe, bringing direct access within 25 miles to 85 per cent of GDP worldwide. More than 200 operators have now opted to connect with the Azure network through the ExpressRoute service , allowing companies and partners to connect their corporate networks privately and securely to Azure services. Microsoft also have alternate routes to link to the internet by solutions as diverse as satellite access and the White Space TV network.

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