Apple iPad Air 4: Everything you need to know about its new features

Everything you need to know about the iPad Air 4

Apple announced their new iPad Air in the market on September 2020 at $599 and it will on the market in late October 2020. The company described the new iPad as the most powerful iPad ever made so far, updated with a fourth-generation model that resembles a radical design.

It features a 10.9″ edge-to-edge display with a 1640 x 2360 pixels resolution with an aluminum frame that brings similarity to the iPad pro. It supports GSM, HSPA and LTE as it networks while it has a Nano-SIM, eSIM and Stylus support. It includes True tone support for adjustments in matching the ambient lighting for the display.


iPad Air 4 will the 1st iPad to offer multiple unique color options for its customers just like on iPhones. It will be available in rose gold, green, space gray, silver and sky-blue. It will also have a unique feature, the new Touch ID Sensor and it will be the 1st on Apple products.

The iPad Air 4 will have a flat-edge with an all-screen display, a single rear camera and subtle edge buttons. It inherited the design of the iPad Pro in 2018. Apple gave the new iPad a really smart and modern-looking design.

The iPad will not use the Face ID as mentioned before it will have the Touch ID, it is the second-generation version making it fast and reliable. There’s a built-in fingerprint sensor on the top button. This make things very interesting because it would be the first time that the company did this.

The company removed the lightning port and replaced it with a USB-C port which makes charging and data transfer very fast. It also welcomes customer who wants to plug external monitors or hard drives into the tablet. It’s good news in the long run, it makes easier for third parties to make accessories.

Specs & Features

To live up from its price tag, Apple added improvements for iPad Air 4 like out of this world specs.

Screen Display

They gave the new iPad a 10.9 inch screen compared to the 2019 model making it big boost to its features. The removal of the home button in its systems provides extra screen space to customers. The pixel density is the same as the previous model but since its larger, the resolution is higher.

A14 Processor

The company is using the latest 5-nanometer chip technology for the new iPad Air, so the iPad is equipped with a 6-core A14 Bionic Chip.

The A14 has 11.8 billions transistors, new 6 core-design, 4-core graphic architecture and a 16-core neural engine that can perform up to 11 trillion operations per second. This means that the iPad Air 4 has increased performance and power efficiency. The new 6-core design gives 40% boost to GPU performance compare to the A12

The 16-core neural engine can perform twice as fast any machine learning capabilities. The new iPad will be capable of powerful on-device experience for image recognition, natural language learning and etc.


The camera setup for the iPad Air 4 is not as competitive as the Pro’s multi-lens arrangement but rear camera has been upgraded form 8Mp to 12Mp wide-angle camera. It supports high resolution video and 4K video captured.

You can do video recording from 1080p at 30fps up to 4K up to 60 fps. Apple has added Live photos with stabilization, autofocus with Focus pixels, wide color capture, exposure control, Smart HDR, auto image stabilization and noise reduction.

Battery Life

The iPad Air 4 is equipped with a 28.6 watt-hour-lithium-polymer battery that can last up to 10 hours when using Wi-Fi or any cellular activities.

Other Features
Storage Space

The iPad Air 4 has 64GB of storage or 256GB of storage and there is no middle option available like that 128 GB.

Microphones & Speakers

The iPad features two sets of speakers for stereo sound in portrait and landscape mode making experience more awesome. It also has dual microphones for calls, video recording and audio recording. Very convenient, right?

WiFi 6

The iPad gets WiFi6 that is rumored to go speeds from 866Mpbs to 1.2 Gbps.

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