Apple Inc. Will No Longer Sell Accessories From Third-Party Companies: Prepares to launch a new Homepod & AirPods Studio Launch

Apple Inc. Will No Longer Sell Accessories From Third-Party Companies

Apple Inc. has their own line of earphones and audio accessories, they also offer third-party headphones on their stores but now, there will be changes. According to Bloomberg, the company has stopped selling headphones and audio accessories from rival companies because they are gearing up to launch its own audio products in the market.

Customers could find Bose, Sonos and Logitech products on Apple Stores: retail and online. The company instructed their Apple’s retail stores and online stores to remove all products under those companies. It was reported that Sonos fell 7% down in the market after the announcement.

Reports said that it’s the company’s strategy to make way and boost their own audio products and accessories including the upcoming Homepod, Airpods and Airpods Studio. All of these of products are expected to launch before the year ends.

This is not the first time that the company made this move by removing third-party products from their stores to launch a new product.

Apple Inc. said it consistently makes changes to the items it sells as new third-party accessories are released and the necessities of clients change. It was also announced its stores are instructed keep on selling a curated group of third-party accessories to assist clients with taking advantage of Apple gadgets.

As of now, only headphones and audio accessories offered by Apple are its own products: AirPods and AirPods Pro but also with products from its Beats subsidiary.

Current rumors show that Apple will held an even this October 13, and if that is the situation, we could consider that there will an announcement as soon as possible.

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