Samsung Galaxy Earbuds: The New Noise-Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds also known as the “Galaxy Beans”

Samsung released their new noise-cancelling wireless earbuds in the market for $170. They leaked the unconventional design for the new earbuds for months so people went nuts for it. Who would’ve thought that noise cancellation is possible for earbuds that doesn’t seal your ears.


The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds comes with three different colors: mystic white, mystic black & mystic bronze. The company gave the earbuds a very unique look and some would say it’s bean-shaped and kidney shaped but the company calls it “stylish & ergonomic”. The earbuds also comes with unique charging case that will fit in your pocket.

The charging case has USB Type-C port for charging or you can charge it wirelessly. The earbuds and charging case has an LED that is visible both sides to let customers know the charging status.

Samsung has made the earbuds very unique unlike other companies, almost replicates the design of Apple’s Airpods, the designers for Samsung really made efforts to make the earbuds very unique.

Fitting them inside your ear expects you to push the speaker grille right inside the ear while the charging contacts sit in the upper aspect of the external ear. When appropriately adjusted, the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds ought to be a close to consummate fit – fixing the ear with a cozy grasp.

Each of the buds additionally have contact sensors that can enroll a solitary, twofold, or triple tap that serves the normal activities of playing/stopping, just as skipping tracks in reverse/advances. A tap and hold activity is likewise accessible and is adaptable for each bud independently – you can set it to increase/decrease the volume, launch Bixby or Spotify. Bixby clearly just works on Samsung phones and Spotify must be launched on Android telephones.

Noise Cancellation, Call Quality and Audio

The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds has the noise-cancellation feature which is very impressive. Each of the earbuds has three microphones with an additional voice pickup unit and the speaker has bass duct and sensors like an accelerometer and a touch-capacitive sensor.

Samsung developed the Active-Noise Cancellation that reduces background noise under 700Hz like trains and buses but you can still also hear voices or announcements when using. The Active Noise-Cancellation depends on the fit and volume of what you’re listening to.

It really has great quality in doing calls due to its three microphones and voice pickup unit that uses the accelerometer to sense the movement of your jaw to convert kinetic energy into voice calls. Pretty awesome, right? Enabling you to have a quality call with the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds even in noisy places.

The dynamic drivers for the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds are tuned by AKG and duplicate a purchaser agreeable sound mark that enhances bass notes regardless of anything else. This is useful for audience members who tune in to a great deal of hip-hop and pop, yet may not be favored by the individuals who have diverse music libraries.

Bass notes sound twice as noisy as mids, which could prompt perceptible hear-able covering during percussion areas of your preferred tunes. Seclusion execution is better than average as these can latently protect the audience from her environmental factors if the correct ear tips are utilized.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Buds Live can last up to six of hours continuous listening with Active Noise-Cancellation enabled.

Battery Life

Samsung made improvements for the battery life the Samsung Galaxy Buds from the Gear IconX. When full charge, the earbuds can last up to 6 hours and the charging case can provide two full charges. You can use it for roughly 20 hours of usage but it also supports quick-charging meaning it can provide an hour of usage in just 5 minutes of charging.

Once both devices are depleted, you can easily charge it with the USB-Type C Cable.


Unlike other wireless earbuds, Samsung buds maintain a stable connection thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 firmware. The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds has many features for keeping the earbuds live connected and in sync with your device because of Bluetooth 5. The Galaxy Buds Live features the Scalable Codec which prevents choppy audio by adjusting the bit-rate to the strength of the Bluetooth connection.

This is applicable to Samsung devices that are operating on Android 7.0 or higher. The Scalable Codec simply optimizing constantly between the sound quality and stable connectivity. This make the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds convenient.

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