Monthly Archives: November 2020

AMD Is Preparing The New Ryzen 5000 APUs For Laptops

AMD is preparing Ryzen 5000 APUs for laptops The new AMD Ryzen mobile series is rumored to have a mix of Zen 2 and Zen 3 parts. It is code-named Lucienne, a feminine French name meaning ‘light’. When this chips releases, they’ll join AMD’s desktop parts in passing by the Ryzen 5000 series classification. Yet, […]

iPhone 12 Anti-repair Design

Apple ‘s products have proven themselves as immune to teardowns and re-assembly in the past. The Australian YouTube repair kit Hugh Jeffreys has shared a new video that seems to prove that this is indeed true of the newly introduced iPhone 12. The UI of the system and the cameras displayed abnormalities in reaction to […]

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