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iPhone 12 Anti-repair Design

Apple ‘s products have proven themselves as immune to teardowns and re-assembly in the past. The Australian YouTube repair kit Hugh Jeffreys has shared a new video that seems to prove that this is indeed true of the newly introduced iPhone 12. The UI of the system and the cameras displayed abnormalities in reaction to […]

Samsung launches A21s 128gb vibrant

Four months after the launch of the Galaxy A21s in India, Samsung has now launched a 128 GB smartphone storage model in the region. This model comes with 6 GB RAM, identical to the 64 GB capacity version of the Galaxy A21s. This latest iteration of the smartphone will be available in an additional color […]

Sony Extra Bass Wireless Headphone review

This Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones has a connectivity that lets you listen for up to 8. 5 hours without wires getting in your way. It also has a Durable IPX4 design that keeps the music going, even when you run in light rain. Extra bass sound gives you more motivation, whether you’re at the […]

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 Review

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 comes with steel black and rose gold. The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the Dualshock 4’s analog sticks and trigger buttons have been enhanced to offer players absolute control for all games on PlayStation 4. For deeper info about the item, please watch this short review. Video by: PlayStation […]

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller review

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller, feels comfortable in your hands, and works with all your games. This officially licensed Xbox controller features two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons on back, dual rumble motors, and 3.5mm stereo headset jack to enhance your gaming experience. You’ll also find the basics such as precision-tuned analog sticks, plus shaped D-Pad, and […]

Xbox vs PlayStation

Even with the new consoles around the corner, the fight between Xbox and PlayStation is still going high. Now we’re gonna talk about the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Which do you think is better? let’s discuss it. Xbox series X The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship next generation console and will […]

Are Apple Products Really Worth It?

Are Apple products really worth it based on their prices or simply overpriced? People today will always buy what’s new and trending because new generation technology will always storm the world with technological advancement. Who wouldn’t buy the most advance tech in the market? Smart technologies makes life easier and fast. Everyone relies on technology […]

Apple:Wireless Charging Mat Will Blow Your Mind

Apple developed their Wireless Charging Mat They first introduced the wireless charging mat (AirPower) in 2017 whose main function is to power iPhones, Airpods and Apple watches which transfers electric charge on just contact. This may be one of the greatest features of next generation charging but Apple is still developing this product to perfection. […]

iOS vs Android

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are operating systems used primarily in mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets. iOS is Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch smartphone operating system. iOS is Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch smartphone operating system. where as Android isn’t a phone or an application, but an operating system based on the Linux […]

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